Asharia Refuses to Abort Her Son

“Initially, I was very excited to be pregnant. When I told the dad, he wasn’t asking, he was just telling me to get an abortion. It got to the point where he said, “You can’t force me to be a dad.” Some of my family members said, “You’re not ready, you’re making the wrong choice.” It was really hard.

God is a very important part of my life. This happened for a reason. God wouldn’t have me take care of a whole child if I couldn’t do it. My faith helped me through every step of the way.

From the very first appointment at First Care, everyone was just super kind and super understanding. I got set up with the Bright Courses so they helped me be financially and emotionally ready. I felt like I had an amazing support system.

I’m in school for nursing. I took a break when I had Cameron, but I am going back in January.

Just recently we’ve been able to start going back to church, just in the hallway, like we can’t go in because he cries. It’s just Cameron 24/7. That’s my life right now and I love it.”

– Asharia and son, Cameron

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