Becky Surrenders Her Secret

I had an abortion at age 19.  I had actually just broken up with my boyfriend and my mom was telling me that she wasn’t going to help me. I went into Planned Parenthood, and they were saying, it’s just tissue, it’s not really a baby. I tried to see the baby, but she had turned the screen around the other way. The next thing I know I’m waking back up and it’s already been done. I kept just imagining getting up off the table and running. It was too late. 

A lot of Christians don’t realize, when you are sitting in the pew, all of the people around you that could possibly be one of those who have had an abortion. You don’t know their story. 

I had forgiven every person around me, but I had never forgiven myself. The people of First Care Women’s Clinic are all so wonderful, and it’s not like they want anything in return, it’s literally because they know what you’ve gone through.

You can shut all of the enemy’s doors with the help of the clinic and most importantly, with God. Allow Him to shut those doors. Allow Him to heal your heart.”

– Becky


Start Your Healing Journey

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