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***UPDATE***. Registration has closed! Thank you for your support! If you’d like to make a donation to this fundraiser, click HERE.

The FCWC Fundraising Banquet will be held on April 28, 2022, at the Cobb Galleria. This is the largest fundraiser we do each year and we need everyone to attend so that we can reach more to save more!

This is a FREE event and we’d love for you to not only attend but also invite your friends. When you click the Register tab, you’ll be asked if you’d like to host a table. Please say yes. Hosting a table is free, and each table seats ten people. We need every seat filled with supporters to reach our goal. This is a fundraiser, and while it’s free to attend, please let your guests know that they will be given the opportunity to give a financial donation to support our ministry. All of the funding of the banquet will come through attendees, so please be in prayer about who to invite!

We are so pleased to announce that our Keynote Speaker is Dr. Ben Carson.


 Your support gives help and hope

First Care Women’s Clinic is an evangelical Christian non-profit organization that was established to reduce abortion by giving the support and information that people need to choose life.

All of the services provided by First Care Women’s Clinic are free. We operate solely on the support and gifts of concerned people like you and those you ask to sponsor you on the Prayer Walk. 

A Call to Action Video

Our “A Call to Action” Fundraising video is here! Please take a moment and listen to hear what’s happening at our center, an amazing testimony of choosing life, and the incredible true story of Kermit Gosnell, an abortionist, and serial killer. Please share this video and don’t forget to give to support our mission!

Phil Robertson is best known as the family patriarch of the Robertson family from the hit reality TV show, Duck Dynasty. He and his wife Miss Kay have been married over 50 years and have four sons and daughter-in-laws, twenty-one grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. The show featured the lives of the family and their interaction through the company that Phil founded in the early ‘70’s, Duck Commander.

Phil’s natural ability and his love of the outdoors helped him become the most recognizable duck hunter ever. He still is passionate about hunting and conserving wetlands for migratory birds and spends a lot of time on the Robertson hunting property.

Phil has authored four books, Happy, Happy Happy about his life story; Unphiltered about his philosophy on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; He also co-authored the Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible with his oldest son, Al, and more recently The Theft of America’s Soul about the lies the evil one has sold American culture and Jesus Politics about how kingdom living trumps political solutions. He is currently working on his latest book, Uncancelled, due out in 2022.

Phil is one of the most recognizable voices in America for Christian conservatives and he works tirelessly to lead people to Christ and assist godly people who are trying to help and improve our culture in this current divided union.

Phil is currently starring on a new internet television project with BlazeTV called In The Woods With Phil. The show is shown in a video blog format featuring 8-12 minute episodes of Phil’s wisdom and his practical insights on how our country and culture can improve. Phil also has a podcast with Al and another son, Jase, called Unashamed with Phil & Jase Robertson, that releases four days a week.

Alan Robertson is the oldest son of Phil and Miss Kay Robertson, the patriarch and matriarch from the famous Duck Dynasty clan. He served as a minister for 22 years at the White’s Ferry Road Church in West Monroe, LA after graduating from the WFR School of Biblical Studies. He also has a Bachelor of Ministry from Sunset International Bible Institute.

Al left his full time work at WFR to return to the family business, Duck Commander, in 2012 and to begin appearing on the Robertson’s TV show on A&E.  He authored The Duck Commander Devotional and co-authored The Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible with his Dad, along with several children’s books.  He now speaks around the country about the reasons behind the success of the show and the Robertson values of faith, family & ducks. Alan & Miss Kay opened a sweet shop and eatery, Miss Kay’s Sweets and Eats, in West Monroe in 2016.

Al also started Restoration Productions with his cousin, Zach Dasher that produces shows on, including Phil’s show, In the Woods With Phil. He is also the host of the Podcast, Unashamed with Phil & Jase Robertson.

Al and his wife, Lisa, have been married for over 35 years and have two married daughters and six grandchildren. They live in West Monroe, LA. They have co-authored three books: A New Season, about their life and marriage; The Duck Commander Devotional for Couples; and their latest book, Desperate Forgiveness, in which they published with their partners, Focus on the Family. They travel together all over America sharing their story of brokenness, restoration and healing in their marriage and also speak on behalf the unborn.

Ann McElhinney is an award-winning journalist, filmmaker, public speaker, and podcaster.  She is the author of the best-selling New York Times book Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer.  The book debuted at #3 on Amazon and sold out 3 days after publication.

She has produced several films, plays, and podcasts with her husband Phelim including FBI Lovebirds: Undercovers, FrackNation, The Ann & Phelim Scoop Podcast, The Harvey Weinstein Trial: Unfiltered Podcast, Mine Your Own Business, and Not Evil Just Wrong.

Their most recent podcast, The Harvey Weinstein Trial: Unfiltered, broke into the True Crime genre on Apple Podcasts with a splash – regularly ranking in the top 100 true crime podcasts inn the world.

McElhinney has also made documentaries for the BBC, CBC (Canada) and RTE (Ireland). The Search for Tristan’s Mum concerned the case of Tristan Dowse, a baby who was adopted by an Irish man and his wife in Indonesia. Two years later, when the adoptive mother became pregnant, they abandoned Tristan in an Indonesian orphanage.

McElhinney has also written for or is a regular contributor to an array of international media organizations including CNN, FOX News, ABC (US), and BBC. She is a regular on a number of US talk radio shows including The Hugh Hewitt Show, The Eric Metaxas Show, The Dennis Miller Show and The Dennis Prager Show.

She is an entertaining and sought-after public speaker and appears regularly through the Young America’s Foundation.

Phelim McAleer is an award-winning journalist, filmmaker, public speaker, and podcaster.  He is a New York Times best-selling author.  He is also a playwright and the creator of the verbatim podcasting genre.

He has produced several films, plays, and podcasts with his wife Ann including FBI Lovebirds: Undercovers, FrackNation, The Ann & Phelim Scoop Podcast, The Harvey Weinstein Trial: Unfiltered Podcast, Mine Your Own Business, and Not Evil Just Wrong.

His most recent movie, Gosnell, is the story of Pennsylvania abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, whom ABC News described as “America’s biggest serial killer.” It raised a record $2.3 million in crowdfunding.

McAleer has produced documentaries for the BBC, CBC (Canada) and RTE (Ireland), as well as two independent feature-length documentaries. Before becoming a filmmaker, Phelim was a foreign correspondent for the Financial Times in Eastern Europe, and he covered Romania and Bulgaria for The Economist.

Before that, he covered Ireland for the UK Sunday Times. McAleer began his career in journalism covering the Northern Ireland troubles first as a reporter in Crossmaglen (known as Bandit Country) and then for The Irish News in Belfast.

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