*****As of November 23rd, 2022 the Heartbeat Bill has been fully reinstated. The 6 week ban on abortion is in place.*****

Heartbeat Bill Court Decision November 15th, 2022

A Georgia judge has issued a ruling today partially blocking the Georgia law that bans abortions on unborn babies at 6 weeks when their heartbeat can first be detected on a sonogram.

From Life News: Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney sided with abortion advocates who falsely claimed the law violates the Georgia Constitution’s right to privacy and liberty by “forcing pregnancy and childbirth upon countless Georgians.” The right to privacy regards government monitoring of citizens and has nothing to do with killing babies in abortions and the ban does not force anyone to give birth given the fact that any resident can practice abstinence or use contraception to prevent pregnancy.

What Does This Mean?

For now, Georiga will revert back to the previous law that allows abortion until 22 weeks. Read the full article here.

The Fight Continues

Pro-life Attorney General Chris Carr has already appealed this decision to the Georgia Appeals Court.

Georgia Life Alliance director Elizabeth Edmonds said the ruling is a victory of sorts for personhood for unborn babies. “Today’s ruling only enjoins the abortion restriction portions of the law on technicality – that they were signed into law while Roe was still in effect. This is a massive affirmation to the legal soundness of Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill and the tireless efforts of our statewide coalition who lobbied the bill, our courageous pro-life lawmakers, and Governor Kemp.”

Please Pray

Pray for the legal team defending the Heartbeat Bill

Pray for the Appellate Judges who will hear this case.

Pray for our clinic as we continue to serve abortion-minded women.

Pray for the women in our state facing an unplanned pregnancy.