Celebrating the overturn of Roe v Wade!

Leslie Chose Life For Her Son
“My first option and my only option that I was told was to get rid of him. I actually had an abortion set up in Washington.
When I saw my son up on the screen in front of me on the ultrasound at First Care, he was sucking his thumb and that was the first thing I saw.”


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June is now Sanctity of Life Month

Celebrate Sanctity of Human Life Month with us every June! While we will never forget the 63 million + babies lost since Roe was passed into law on January 22, 1973, we now honor the anniversary of Roe’s overturn on June 24, 2022!
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What is Sanctity of Human Life Month?

We believe that every person, born and unborn, is created by God and has value. For decades we have observed Sanctity of Human Life month each January to celebrate the lives that have been saved through the pro-life movement, and mourn those lost to abortion.

On January 22, 1973, Roe v. Wade was passed and allowed over 63 million babies to be aborted over the last 50 years in America. Thankfully, Roe was overturned on June 24, 2022. Now, we are celebrating Sanctity of Human Life Month in June from now on and we hope you and your church will too!

Why are we still celebrating since Roe was overturned?

The law may have changed, but hearts have not. Abortions are now limited by state laws, but still available. When Georgia residents detect a fetal heartbeat through ultrasound, they are seeking abortions in other states such as NC, SC, VA, FL and NY. We will continue to celebrate and uphold the sanctity of life on this special occasion, and year round, until abortion becomes unthinkable!

Thank you for helping us bring hope, help, and healing to the women who walk through our doors every day.